Sentencing Academy Fellowship Scheme

As part of the Sentencing Academy’s commitment to furthering knowledge on sentencing issues and widening participation we were delighted to commence our Fellowship Scheme in December 2020. Sentencing Academy Fellows are supervised by experts in the field to produce an original piece of research on sentencing in England and Wales.

Our Fellows for 2020/21 are Jamie Dickson and Anisa Kebbati.

Jamie Dickson

I graduated from the University of Manchester with a Law with Criminology degree and I am now studying the Bar Training Course with BPP. During an internship with the Pro Bono services in Singapore I witnessed the importance of safeguards within a criminal justice system for vulnerable defendants, which has motivated me to complete a research project on the sentencing of offenders with mental ill health in England and Wales. Throughout the course of my research I hope to discover whether society’s changing attitudes towards this group of offenders has been reflected through sentencing and whether the very first sentencing guidelines for offenders with mental disorders, released in 2020, reflect a development of understanding towards mental illness within the justice system. This research is being supervised by Professor Nicky Padfield (University of Cambridge).

Anisa Kebbati

I graduated from the University of Southampton and intend on pursuing a career at the Bar. I have a strong interest in criminal justice and sentencing. In my spare time, I have volunteered at the Freedom Law Clinic and Southampton Pro Bono Housing Clinic.
My research will discuss the impact of short custodial sentences on women and their children. I will explore whether a revised approach towards sentencing women could potentially break the cycle of reoffending and disproportionality. This research is being supervised by Dr Shona Minson (University of Oxford).